Major Projects

Our Major Projects

  1. FOOD MART : To promote the retail food stuff marketing system in association with Agribusiness Management Center and Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. by addressing the entire value chain and acting as a single link between farmer and consumer.
  2. AGRI MART : To promote the retail agri-input centers under the banner of Agri Mart at block level to ensure the availability of right kind of input for the farmers.The Agri Mart will also act as a nodal point for a two-way business farmers and IPL.
  3. ORGANIC FARMING : Retail of certified organic foods ,processed foods and cooked foods in India and promote contract farming with farmers and facilitation for certification through third party certification as well as through Participatory Guarantee System under the umbrella of National Organic Board, Govt.of India.
  4. INTEGRATED AGRICULTURE : Integrated agriculture to provide the extra income option as well as to double per capita income by increasing the crop productivity of small & marginal farmers.
  5. POTATOES : To address all the commercial issues related to Potatoes from seed to plate.
  6. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: : Two-way agribusiness in UAE, Mexico, Russia, CIS - Countries, South Africa, Malaysia,Singapore and USA.